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Emphasis on automation

Tuesday 16 February 2021, by Support Natys

TFCM SAS continues and heightens its efforts in the field of automation by integrating a new generation of equipment.

TFCM increases its efforts in the field of automation by integrating advanced equipment.
Manual Line Feedback

All this equipment, alongside the digital transformation project, will equip TFCM SAS with :

  •  additional factors of competitiveness

  •  important factors in working condition improvements.

Several production units

These investments focus on several production centres :

  •  robotised bending and welding platform (Toolmaster bending – cobot system for the welding cells

  •  automatic tool changer
  •  cutting production units’ destocking and supply platform.

Cobot system

The introduction of these advanced tools within our different production sectors requires specific support from our teams. Indeed, the arrival of cobots generates a new way of working and a new organisation for the workshops.

Thanks to cobots, the work of our employees is facilitated at several levels :

  •  less heavy loads to carry,

  •  fewer repetitive actions to perform,
  •  more versatility in the operator’s job, etc.

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