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Integrate new perspectives into our industrial processes

Digital transformation - Plant 4.0

Tuesday 16 February 2021, by Support Natys

TFCM SAS is engaged in a major program to deploy a sustainable digital transformation strategy.

TFCM SAS management has initiated and overseen a wide-ranging thinking process towards the design of an action plan for digital transformation.

The action plan involves and has an impact on, all the actors and functions of the company.

Highly committed, it focuses on three main dimensions :

  • the deployment of innovative digital solutions adapted to TFCM SAS’ supply chain businesses and processes.

  • the building of an interface between the Cutting, Folding and ERP sections 

  • the integration of cobots within welding (man/robot collaboration) 

Continuation of robotisation

At the same time, TFCM is increasing its efforts in the field of automation by integrating advanced robotic equipment :

  • robotised bending and welding platform

  • automatic tool changer
  • destocking and supply platform for cutting production units.

Supply chain management allows the synchronisation of a large library of processes (storage of materials and finished products, transport, handling, planning).

The success of this transformation will facilitate data sharing and therefore improve competitiveness.

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