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Tuesday 16 February 2021, by Support Natys

TFCM SAS’ renowned performance has gradually led us to move beyond the status of subcontractor to that of integrator.

Thus, reading and managing our eco-system has become an important part in the evolution of our know-how.

This momentum for change is part of our search for competitiveness and, added to the traditional QCD system, now includes several other dimensions:

  • co-development and innovation potential
  • responsible purchasing (CSR)

In this field TFCM SAS designs and develops new processes:

implementation and organisation of a watchdog unit (Cellule de Veille et d’Identification / CVI)

  • creation of trade panels
  • RFQ consultation (Request For Quotation)
  • appointment and framework agreement preparation
  • supplier relationship management: information flow, QCD management, etc.

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